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Samsung Electro-Mechanics - Samsung Electro Mechanics (SEMCO) is a leading supplier of a wide range of high-performance electronics components. Since 1973, SEMCO is driving the edge of miniaturization for increasingly challenged industrial designs of end products without compromising the quality and performance. +More Every day SEMCO ships more than 2 billion multilayer ceramic capacitors, polymer tantalum, inductors, beads, filters, resistors, and many other components from its six manufacturing sites. They are committed to expanding their high-class manufacturing sites and in-house material innovation to serve their customers better. SEMCO offers a wide range of advanced solutions for the growing needs of mobile, automotive, IoT, and industrial applications. SEMCO is an industry leader in material innovation, which is exemplified in the innovative MLCC, power inductors, and RF inductors. SEMCO offers the world’s highest capacitance values in the smallest size. SEMCO touches your life “passively” to bring convenience and comfort. -Less

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